Monday, January 5, 2015

My New Year's Resolution for 2015

I’m running the California International Marathon in 2015.

While that might not sound like a big declaration to some, it is to me, since I last ran a marathon in 2011. And, in all honesty, I’ve probably run around 100 miles in the four years since (most likely less).

It’s time to change.

I’m saying it here that, barring catastrophe, I plan to toe the line for CIM in exactly 11 months and one day.

The last time I started a marathon (my 10th marathon), I didn’t finish it (the first time I’d ever done that). In Dec. 2011, I tried what’s playfully called a Daily Double: running two separate marathons in two different states in the same day (I did finish the first one, though, so there’s that…).

At the time I saw it as a fabulous failure, but now I recognize it as a necessary part of the work-in-progress called Me.

Those who know me know that running was a tremendously important part of my life. After my DNF in late 2011, I’ve had physical, personal and professional hiccups, all of which forced running to the back burner. And I’m OK with that.

What I’m not OK with is the lack of focus in maintaining my general health that hitched a ride like a hobo on a train. I need something to point to. I require a goal. I must be accountable.

It’s time to change.

And that’s why I’m outing myself here, saying publicly that I’m ready to train for, run and complete another marathon. If you read my last blog post (5 Ways To Stay Motivated During Winter), you’ll recall that No. 2 was “Make an intention, go public.”

After my fingers snapped those words out on my laptop, I realized that was what I needed to do. And well, this is me following my own advice.

Having hardly run over the last three years, I’m essentially starting from scratch, and it’s just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other over and over and over.

I know my body will hate me for a while, but to me that’s better than hating my body. I’d rather be in shape than existing as a shape (like, round). I want to get lost in my head during a run, instead of losing time on electronics.

Knowing me, I’ll want to attempt a Boston- qualifying time, but I’m not even there yet. And if I don’t qualify for Boston, if I merely finish, I’ll be ecstatic. I realize I took for granted the commitment it requires to train for and complete a marathon, but I’m ready to it again.

It’s time to change. 


  1. I recall that double effort and it was.. and is still awesome regardless of how you thought it ended. So glad to see you back on the horse…errr trail. Cant wait to follow along as I too have wrestled with goal setting the last couple of years due to life changes and priorities

    1. Thank you a13pt1runner. It remains something I'm proud to have attempted, because if I hadn't, I would have wondered if it was possible.