Monday, December 21, 2015

10 reasons why 2015 was amazing for Fleet Feet Chico

It was quite a year, wasn’t it? A lot happened. A lot that we thought would happen never did. And now we’re staring a new year right in the face. We reach many of you on social media, namely our Facebook and Instagram pages. So, before we swap our calendars for 2016, let’s take a look back at our top posts from the past year.

First, our Facebook posts.

Oct. 1: The one-year anniversary of the new ownership group was truly one of the highlights of our year. Our friends and family shared in this wonderful day, as did our Facebook community.

Aug. 24: We’re told to always run through the finish line. But even professional runners could use a reminder every once in a while at, say, the World Track and Field Championships.

Chico State graduate Scott Bauhs made history while running for the Wildcats. He also made history by breaking the 4-minute mile at Chico State University track. Were you there when Bauhs broke that magical barrier?

Every sport has its characteristics and behaviors that those outside the sport finds weird. Love 'em or hate 'em, here are ours.

We runners can be so downright thoughtless.

Honorable mention
The Jack Frost 10k was postponed a week due to potentially dangerous high winds and heavy rain. The likes, comments and (especially) shares proved that our running community cares about each other. No picture. Just a message that was shared like crazy.

Now, let’s look at the year that was on Instagram.

Summer Sizzler love
Our training groups are the heart and soul of our running community. And this post with our Summer Sizzler 10 grads proved that.

Our team
We posted this simple picture right before Christmas Preview. The response told us that we mean a lot to our community, the same way you mean the world to us.

Small Business Week
Along those same lines, it’s always a battle competing against the larger online stores and shoe outlets. Your support means the world to us.

Monday Motivation
Want to see a 92-year-old woman finish the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon? Many of you did, and hopefully found motivation.

Chico State decathletes
The Chico State decathlon squad went 1-2-3 at the 2014 NCAA Division II National Track and Field Championships.

Honorable mention
Practicing what he preaches
Fleet Feet Chico co-owner Paul Smith. He coaches. He educates. He wins races. Any questions?

From all of us at Fleet Feet Chico, thank you very much for helping to make 2015 such a memorable year. Here's to making more memories in 2016!

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